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System Applications

Equipment & Systems: Products

Multi-Media Filter (MMF)

A MMF consists of three or more media in its vessels to trap particles in different densities, with the largest particles trapped in the top layer and smallest in the bottom layer. Comparing with conventional sand filtration, MMF is more efficient, and the frequency of backwash is minimized.

Equipment & Systems: Products

UF + 2-pass RO + EDI + MB


  • Microelectronics, semiconductor & wafer fabrication industry

  • Laboratories & solar panel production

  • Pharmaceutical industry

MMF + ACF + MF + RO + MB


  • Electronics

  • Turbine condensate & process condensate

UF + RO / MMF + ACF + RO


  • Plating

  • Food & beverage

  • Seawater desalination

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